This is a Bazaar branch. To use it:

bzr branch http://tools.v2v.cc/v2v/drupal/v2v-drupal-module-6.x/      


This is the V2V Drupal module.

to install run this in your module folder:
  bzr branch http://code.v2v.cc/drupal/v2v-drupal-module-6.x/ v2v
later you can update via
  bzr pull http://code.v2v.cc/drupal/v2v-drupal-module-6.x/

enable it in the admin interface

adjust css in v2v.cc or your local css to fit your style

Latest Activity:

revision 54 : 2010-03-06
revision 53 : 2008-10-27
fix IE7 cortado, needs testing in IE6
revision 52 : 2008-09-21
files are urldecoded