some examples using ffmpeg2theora:

to convert your DV file, called videoclip.dv to Ogg Theora:

ffmpeg2theora videoclip.dv

this will create an Ogg Theora file called videoclip.dv.ogg.

to encode with another quality, lets say Video Quality 7 and Audio Quality 3:

ffmpeg2theora -v 7 -a 3 videoclip.dv

you can also use presets to encode your video (ffmpeg2theora -p help for more info)

ffmpeg2theora -p preview videoclip.dv


ffmpeg2theora -p pro videoclip.dv

on linux you can use ffmpeg2theora to stream to an icecast server:
this needs the latest version of the icecast server and a small tool to send the ogg stream to the icecast server.
a more detailed description can be found in the Streaming HowTo

dvgrab --format raw - | \
	ffmpeg2theora -a 0 -v 5 -f dv -x 320 -y 240 -o /dev/stdout - | \ 
	oggfwd  icecastserver  8000 pwd /theora.ogg

crop the input

ffmpeg2theora --croptop 16 --cropbottom 16 --cropright 32 --cropleft 8 file.avi
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